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Mentality of the 'ghetto'

Bat Yeor: The people of Israel are unworthy of their ancestors. The post Oslo Jew has returned to the pre- Holocaust mentality of the 'ghetto' Jew. The Jew that doesn't want to be noticed, the Jew who will do anything to appease those that hate us, just to live in peace. Instead of asserting OUR rights, OUR will that we have a right, are the rightful heirs of Israel and Jerusalem, we are acting as if we have no rights and instead are begging, begging, our enemies to recognise us and accept us! Behaving like beggars! Ans the silence of American Jews, well it's the ghetto mentality mixed with those that have assimilated into American culture, the let's not rock the boat crowd. More...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Terrorism: New Bin Laden video 'must be posted to Western websites'

Dubai, 27 Nov. (AKI) - A new al-Qaeda video containing Osama Bin Laden's latest message "must be posted to Western websites," the terror network's media arm as-Sahab has ordered cyber jihadists. "You must spread the new message from Sheikh Osama bin Laden in every way, especially via Western websites," said As-Sahab, which produces al-Qaeda's videos and audiotapes.
In a web message announcing the imminent posting of bin Laden's new message, entitled "To the European people", As-Sahab also gives instructions on how best to distribute the new video."
Any means of distributing the video should be used in order to get the truth across to them about their war which they are losing and reveal to them the reality which they ignore," said As-Sahab. More...

Teacher in Sudan held over teddy bear named Muhammad; faces 40 lashes

A seven-year-old Sudanese student today defended the British teacher accused of insulting Islam saying he had chosen to call a teddy bear Mohammad because it was his own name.
Gillian Gibbons, a 54-year-old teacher, was arrested on Sunday after complaints that she had insulted Islam's Prophet by allowing the bear to be named Mohammad.
She is facing a third night in jail without being formally charged.
The boy said: "The teacher asked me what I wanted to call the teddy. I said Mohammad. I named it after my name." He said he was not thinking of Islam's Prophet when asked to suggest a name, adding most of the class agreed with his choice.
Described as “timid and polite,” Ms Gibbons - facing 40 lashes for the 'offence' - had told friends how she was loving her life in the country.

She was said to be “deeply distressed” in a police cell last night after learning she faces the barbaric lashing under the Muslim state’s strict sharia law.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Doku Umarov declares Islamic Caucasus Emirate

While al Qaeda in Chechnya and the greater Chechnya rebel movement has suffered a serious setback over the past two years, a nucleus of the terror movement remains. Doku Umarov, one of the last remaining original leaders of the Chechen rebellion and a close associate of al Qaeda, has declared an Islamic emirate in the greater Caucasus region.
On November 22, the Kavkaz Center, an al Qaeda-linked website promoting the jihad in Chechnya, published Umarov's declaration of the Caucasian Emirate. Umarov, who is now the "Amir of Mujahideen in Caucasus," emphasized the importance of implementing sharia, or Islamic law, and the responsibility of Muslims to "fight the infidels."
"We, the Mujahideen, went out to fight the infidels not for the sake of fighting but to restore the Sharia of Allah in our land," said Umarov. "I declare ethnic, territorial and colonial zones carrying names of 'North-Caucasian republics', 'Trans-Caucasian Republics' and other such terms as outlawed."

Israeli Cabinet Minister: 'I am a Muslim first, and a government minister second.'

"The laws of the State of Israel do not apply at the Temple Mount," Culture Minister Raleb Majadele said in response to a question on the issue submitted by MK Arieh Eldad.
Majadele said, "I am a Muslim first, and a government minister second."

Islam and slavery

Sunday, November 25, 2007

By putting this image on the sidebar of you blog, or as your avatar in a forum, or somewhere else on the web, you will also become part of Lars Vilks’ art project. By displaying the Modoggie flag you will not only support free speech, but actually exercise it!The flag this time is not the Swedish flag, because — considering the cowardly behavior of the Swedish Prime Minster, as well as some Swedish companies — it’s not clear that it’s Sweden that should be supported. But there is a transformative process going on in Sweden that definitely should be supported. And we do so with a flag that is close enough to the Swedish flag for making such a connection. Close enough for Islamic fanatics to burn such a flag in Pakistan, and this is also how this flag became part of Vilks’ work of art. The flag — that is in fact the flag of the Swedish island Öland — is already emerging as a symbol of freedom of art and a free press, as well as of Islamic stupidity. And it fits the idea of being part of movement for creative freedom. More...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Mosul and Iraq´s next war

Daniel Pipes - About 100,000 Turkish troops, backed by aircraft and tanks, are poised to enter Iraq for counterterrorism purposes. But once there, they might just stay permanently, occupying the Mosul area, leading to dangerous regional consequences.
To understand this danger requires a refresher in Turkish irredentist ambitions harking back to the 1920s. The Ottoman Empire emerged from World War I on the losing side, a predicament codified in 1920 by the Treaty of Sèvres imposed on it by the victorious Allies. With Kemal Atatürk's military victories of 1919-22 and the reassertion of Turkish power, however, Sèvres was never applied. Instead, the Treaty of Lausanne, signed in 1923, established all of Turkey's present borders but for the one with British-occupied Iraq. For Iraq, Lausanne stipulated a provisional boundary.
The Kuwait War of 1991 led to a further collapse in Iraqi authority north of the 36th parallel, prompting Turkish forces to engage in hot pursuit across the border 29 times, feeding Ankara's Mosul ambitions. These aspirations culminated in 1995, when approximately 35,000 Turkish troops entered northern Iraq in "Operation Steel," leading Turkey's President Süleyman Demirel explicitly to re-open the 1926 file: "The border is wrong," he said. "The Mosul Province was within the Ottoman Empire's territory“. More...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Syrian response to Israel

Philippines government: agreement with Islamic separatist group on boundaries for Muslim homeland

The Philippines government says it has reached an agreement with the country's main Islamic separatist group on boundaries for a Muslim homeland.
Government negotiator Rodolfo Garcia said "demarcation" was agreed after two days of talks in Malaysia with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
Officials say the deal in Kuala Lumpur could pave the way for a final peace deal between the two sides next year.
MILF has been fighting for decades over land in the southern Mindanao region. Negotiators are hopeful that a permanent peace agreement can be sealed by the middle of next year.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Clashes reported in Palestinian refugee camp near Beirut

The incident involved a shootout with automatic rifles Friday morning in the Bourj el-Barajneh camp, south of Beirut. The officials said three people were wounded - two from the Palestinian mainstream Fatah group and one from the rival Syria-backed radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command.
An official of the PFLP-GC in the camp, Ramez Mustafa, described the incident as a squabble between two families, the al-Bashirs and the al-Habets. He said the squabble erupted into a gunfight near the Palestinian group's offices after Friday noon prayers.
Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon are generally known for lawlessness and armed groups vying for control. The Nahr el-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon was the scene of heavy fighting between Lebanese troops and al-Qaida-inspired Islamic militants from May to September. That battle left around 400 people dead, including Lebanese soldiers, Islamic militants and civilians. More...

Egyptian blogger being tortured in prison

SandMonkey via Solomonia:
Abdel Karim Soliman is an Egyptian blogger sentenced to prison for 4 years for 'vilifying religions' and defaming the president was tortured. He was ordered and supervised by an investigation officer in Borg Alarab prison. Karim was also ordered into a solitary cell where he was assaulted again and had one of his teeth broken; this assault's date came to mark one year since Karim was sent to jail.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Security Trust Fund

The preferred and most immediate way to assist Ms. Hirsi Ali in the financing of her private security protection is through the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Security Trust.The trust fund can accept both US and international funds and is entirely for the purpose of financing Ms. Hirsi Ali’s security.

Make checks payable to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Security Trust.
The mailing address is:
Bank of Georgetown
1054 31st Street, N.W., Suite 18
Washington, DC 20007

[Ayaan Hirsi Ali Trust Tax Identification Number: 75-6826872]

If you’d rather do a wire transfer, here’s how:
Account Name: Ayaan Hirsi Ali Security Trust
Account Number: 1010054748
Bank Name: Bank of Georgetown
Bank Address: 1054 31st Street, N.W., Suite 18. Washington, DC 20007
Bank Telephone: 202-355-1200
Bank Routing Number: 054001712

For more information please contact the representatives for Ms. Hirsi Ali: John MatteoorMackenzie McNaughton. Their telephone contact is 202.457.1600

Vía Gates of Vienna

Russia to begin shipping fuel to Iran's Bushehr reactor

Russia will soon start shipping fuel to Russia's Bushehr nuclear reactor, the state-run producer said Friday.
According to Reuters, inspectors from the IAEA will arrive at the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant to begin sealing the fuel for shipment later this month, and will be working through November 29.
"We are ready to provide IAEA specialists with all the conditions they need to do their work," Konstantin Grabelnikov, Novosibirsk deputy head, said in a statement.

Monday, November 19, 2007

AFP: Iraqis push Al Qaeda out of last stronghold in Baghdad

A local militia calling itself the “revolutionaries of Adhamiyah” took over the Sunni district on the east bank of the Tigris on November 10 in a swift and audacious raid that sent Al-Qaeda fleeing from its last stronghold in Baghdad.
On Friday, members of the “revolutionaries of Adhamiyah” controlled main roads into the neighbourhood as well the square housing the famous Abu Hanifa mosque where Saddam Hussein made his last public appearance before fleeing Baghdad in 2003 as US-led forces invaded the country…
“Our men seized 11 car bombs and discovered several clandestine bomb-making workshops,” said the chief of the “revolutionaries of Adhamiyah”, surrounded by armed bodyguards.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Al-Qaeda training camps established in Romania

Italian daily Il Secolo XIX online edition has been claiming that Romania houses an Al-Qaeda training camp. The paper reported that 3 Al-Qaeda members, one of them the leader of the Easteuropean ramification, are hiding in Romania, where they established training camps.
According to the publication, Italian authorities intercepted phone calls of several terrorist suspects including clues that Al-Qaeda members settled in Galati, Romania, where they train those who aspire to fight for the Jihad how to use explosive devices. During an inquiry by the Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale (ROS) of the Genoa Police, the investigators intercepted a conversation between two terrorist suspects, Tunisians Jameleddine Ben Mohamed Ben Moussa and Bechir Kaouana. They mentioned Al-Qaeda training camps in Romania, used for training future Jihad fighters to make and use explosive devices.
Bucharest-based daily Ziua writes that the SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) has confirmed the information, mentioning that they have identified and actively monitored the Romanian connections of a transborder criminal network related to terrorism. More...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Special Italian Police Force Seizes Koranic Toilet Seats

The imam of the mosque in the town of Latina in the central Italian region of Lazio, Sheikh Yusuf, on 26 October heckled interior minister Giuliano Amato about the toilet seat as he presented Italy's new 'Charter of values, citizenship and integration' for immigrants' at Rome's Grand Mosque. "This is an insult to the Muslim faith that we must react to," Yusuf called out to Amato, who reassured Yusuf, saying: "I would like to tell our friends from Latina that we have been informed of this matter and are taking action because it is offensive."
Al-Quds al-Arabi reported that local Muslims are planning further non-violent protests against the toilet seat until it is removed from stores.
Imported from China, it is still in sale in six towns in the region at 15 euros a piece. More...

Indonesia: Muslim values in line with environmental concerns, say scholars

AKI - Scholars who met in the Indonesian capital Jakarta to discuss Islam and the environment, have concluded that Muslim values support Indonesia's efforts to face its environmental challenges. The dialogue was held on Wednesday at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) in cooperation with the British Embassy in Jakarta.
The director of the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IFEES) in England, Fazlun M. Khalid, said that in contrast to common misperceptions, Islam was more than a ritualistic religion; Islam also provided universal values that underlined the importance of maintaining a balanced interaction with nature. He said Islamic teachings helped position human beings as the khalifah or administrative deputies of God on earth.
"Ulemas in Indonesia are way ahead ... in translating the sharia into fatwa (religious edicts)," he said. Khalid also said Indonesian ulemas issued many Islamic edicts that affirmed various environmental problems, including the burning of forests, illegal logging and mining, as well as the latest on the conservation of forests. He said Indonesia needed a "support mechanism" that would ensure the involvement of politicians and stakeholders in spreading religious beliefs related to the environment.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Al-Qaida cell tried to kill Nasrallah

JP Post - An al-Qaida-affiliated terror group has admitted to trying to assassinate Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the Lebanese newspaper A-Saphir reported.
The admission came following the arrest of three members of the terror cell last summer. According to the report, the members also admitted to having fired Katyusha rockets from Lebanon into Israel between 2004 and 2007 in an attempt to spark tension between the Jewish state and Hizbullah.
The report said that the al-Qaida cell whose members had been detained was only one of three, and that the other cells had planned to attack UNIFIL forces in southern Lebanon in an attempt to complicate matters between the United Nations and Hizbullah.
According to the report, one of the members of the cell was a Libyan national. When his house was raided, Lebanese security forces found a large quantity of cyanide, the report claimed. Sources familiar with the investigation told the newspaper that the US embassy in Beirut demanded details about the raid in an effort to discern how such a quantity of the poison made its way to Lebanon.

Hollywood just can’t stand it any more. Almost forty years after Vietnam and four years since we invaded Iraq, young Americans are still joining the military. That’s obviously intolerable to big thinkers such as Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand and the rest. So Hollywood’s best have sat, thought and created the surefire cure for anyone who might be considering enlisting in the military, running for public office, or writing facts instead of opinion for the TV news.
But there’s only one problem: Robert Redford’s latest directorial effort, “Lions for Lambs”, is a thumping bore. There have been a lot of great anti-war movies, ranging from “All Quiet on the Western Front” to “Platoon.” Suffice it to say, this ain’t one of them. More...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Samir Kuntar: The Nasser Operation

On July 12, 2006 Lebanese Hezbollah militants crossed the border with Israel in an operation dubbed "Operation Truthful Promise". Hezbollah succeeded in the operation and successfully took hostage two Israeli soldiers. This ignited the sequence of events which led to the Israel/Lebanon summer war.
The story goes further back than July of 2006. It really began in April 1979! On Sabbath day, April 22, 1979, Danny and Smadar Haran met up with a monster named Samir Kuntar.
Danny and Smadar were a loving Israeli couple. They had everything they could ever hope for... love, marriage and two precious daughters, Einat, 4 and Yael, 2. That day Smadar was home anticipating Danny's return from work and preparing for the Sabbath. Little did Smadar know that this would be the last Sabbath she would celebrate with her family because of a man named Samir Kuntar.
Samir Kuntar is one of three Lebanese prisoners still serving time in Israeli jails. What was his crime? The crime he committed was the most horrific crime ever committed on Israeli soil! On April 22, 1979 Samir Kuntar along with a gang of three other PLF terrorists (Abed Majeed Asslan, Ahmed Al-Abras, and Mhanna Salim Al- Muyaed) departed from the southern Lebanese seashore city of Tyre on a 55-horsepowered rubber motor boat. Read more...

CNN airs footage of home, safe house of artist marked for death by Al Qaeda

Hotair: I have the clip, although for obvious reasons I’m not going to post it. They even kept the name of the town in which he lives onscreen for most of the segment so I can’t show you the bit with the nut in the burqa saying she wants to kill him. But here’s the strangest part, which isn’t clear from the Gates of Vienna post: Vilks is aware that they’re filming him in front of the two houses. It’s not some stock shot of the door and the light fixture; it’s him, entering the building, with the camera right in his face. Unless CNN led him to believe that they weren’t filming or weren’t going to use the footage, and there’s no reason to think that they did, it was all done with his willing participation. Which, given the bounty placed on his head by Al Qaeda in Iraq and the verdict of Swedish police that he’s not safe at home, makes him one recklessly special idiot.

Monday, November 12, 2007

"Releaser of Terrorists" (Top Line); "Shimon Peres" (Middle Line); "President of the Arabs" (Bottom Line).

Via Debbie Slchussel.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Al-Dura and the "Public Secret" of Middle East Journalism

The evidence emerging from the ongoing Al Dura trial in France indicates that Western journalists are fully aware that some of the footage they use in their reports on the Mideast conflict is staged.
In the summer of 2006, Reuters News Agency, humiliated when bloggers caught them duped by obvious photographic manipulation, fired both the photographer and the chief of their photographic bureau. They then removed all the photographer’s photos from their news archive. In so doing, they acted decisively in punishing two of the cardinal sins of modern journalism: “creating evidence” and getting duped by created evidence.
These principles – i.e., the ethics of a free press – go so deep, that Westerners apparently have difficulty imagining that others might not share our commitments. Thus few people believe claims that footage of Muhammad al Dura, the twelve year old boy allegedly gunned down by Israelis at Netzarim Junction on September 30, 2000, was staged. Charles Enderlin, the correspondent for France2 who presented the tale to the world, derisively and successfully dismisses such claims as a conspiracy theory as ludicrous as those about 9-11. How absurd: Palestinian journalists would not do such a thing; and if they did, the Western media would catch it. To this day, most journalists still ask, “Who killed al Dura?” not, “Was he killed in the footage we see?” More...

Hamas Is Producing a New Generation of Palestinian Extra-Power, Extra-Range Missiles in Gaza and West Bank

In the last few weeks, the Palestinian Islamist Hamas has succeeded in tricking Israeli military intelligence into believing that the IDF forays behind the lines in Gaza had slowed down their Qassam missile offensive against Israeli towns and villages.
It was a ruse. DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose that stocks of the primitive Qassam missiles are low because Hamas has stopped making them and is now fully engaged in setting up the production of a new generation of missiles upgraded to a range of up to 25 km, armed with 3-kilo warheads - one-and a half times the range of the types in current use and more than double their explosive power - and greater accuracy.
Production lines are also going up in several towns on the West Bank, the territory governed by Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority. According to intelligence sources, the Hamas target is to turn out enough new missiles in 4 to 6 weeks – preferably in time for the US-promoted Middle East conference in Annapolis at the end of November. The shelf-life of these missiles is no more than 6 weeks.
The new missiles bring half a million Israelis within range of Hamas fire – a quarter of a million in the south and a similar number in Israel’s heartland north and south of Greater Tel Aviv. In the South, the new missiles can reach Kiryat Gat and the southern outskirts of the big port-town of Ashdod.
DEBKAfile’s sources emphasize that the Palestinian Authority’s security services are not lifting a finger against the new missile industry mushrooming on the West Bank. In fact, members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an offshoot of Abbas’ Fatah, are shielding it. More...

Feds Target Hezbollah Cell in L.A.

A bizarre case unfolding in the Los Angeles communities Bell and Cudahy, where a special task force collared a dozen Arab-American and Latino suspects involved in a seemingly small-time drug and counterfeit clothing ring. While on the surface it doesn't appear to be terrorism-related, our sources say Operation Bell Bottoms targeted a "classic case of terrorism financing," with the defendants smuggling profits from selling dope and counterfeit goods in L.A. back to Iran-backed Shiite terror group Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon.Neither the press release by the U.S. attorney for the Central District of California or court filings by the government specifically mention Hezbollah or terrorism. But one clue is found in the affidavits filed in court, which are signed by prosecutors from the Justice Department's National Security Division and by an FBI official assigned to "Counterterrorism Squad 4" in L.A., a task force brimming with agents from the FBI, DEA, IRS, Department of Homeland Security and local cops. CT-4 isn't known for making drug and counterfeiting cases. More...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Iranian-Saudi Sparring

Jamal Ahmad Khashogji, editor-in-chief of the liberal Saudi daily Al-Watan, reveals the diplomatic sparring that took place at the Istanbul Conference between Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal and Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki.
"When his turn came to speak, Prince Saud Al-Faisal… said that he would not be reading his prepared speech, which he [nonetheless] handed out to his counterparts. Then he gave an improvised speech, less than five minutes long, calling everyone's attention to [the fact] that the Iranian foreign minister had [just] reviewed the aid given by his country to Iraq - schools, clinics, power stations, and so forth.
"'But where?' asked Prince Saud. In answer, he said that according to the Iranian [foreign] minister's statements, all these projects were in Basra, Najaf, and Karbala, and those [that had aided] Baghdad had gone to the majority-Shi'ite Sadr City.
"Why does the 'Islamic Revolution in Iran' limit itself to one sect? It speaks in the name of the entire [Islamic] nation whenever it wants to, but when it provides aid and forms alliances, it does so on a strictly sectarian basis, solely with its Shi'ite brothers. More...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Al-Qaeda in Algeria may mobilise illegal immigrants

The so-called Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb may adopt the strategy of recruiting illegal immigrants as it is easy to convince them in view of their difficult social situations, according to security experts. A total of 5,049 foreigners who were illegally staying in Algeria have been arrested by the National Gendarmerie services since January. Of them 3,850 have been repatriated. Most of foreign illegal immigrants come from Niger, Mali, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Libya and Syria. More...